Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LEAPIN' into some {ippity} today...

Hi, everyone!

First and foremost, if you didn't read this AWESOME post including ALL the info you need for today's "LEAP back in TIME"SALE, please click HERE because I do NOT want you to miss it!

Here's some info on the sale as well:

I, too, am leaping BACK into the past with one of my FAVORITE past kits from {ippity}...CHERISH.YOUR. DREAMS.

This is one of my favorite kits and an awesome sentiment as well.   Have you ever felt like everything is just piling up on you and no matter how many different ways you look at the pile, it just doesn't seem to get any smaller?  In fact, from SOME angles, it even looks BIGGER?

That's been my life this past week.  I was FREAKING. OUT.
How am I going to get it all done?
How will the next week which is even BUSIER go if this week is so crazy already?

Well, you know what?  Tomorrow is Thursday.  The day after that?  Friday...and just like that... I'll have made it through the week that I thought was so overwhelming.  so busy.  

When I noticed that I was on for today's {ippity} post, I went through my stamps and this sentiment said "Hey!  hey you!  This is your week, girl...and you are getting it done."  Now, this quote could mean a million different things to a million different people and frankly, I've never looked at it this way before...
...still, it spoke to me today...and my strength was in all the LITTLE THINGS this week.

One by one, I'm getting it done.
So... a nickel's worth of free (and yes, I know, probably unsolicited, LOL) advice.

Small steps...small stuff...there is strength.
Having a rough week?  
STOP looking at the pile.

Look at ONE piece of it.  Get it done, and go back.  Pretty soon, the pile is diminished.  
It works, I'm tellin' ya.

Oh, and next time you catch ME freaking out?!  Please refer me back to my post today, k?

Have a FANTASTIC LEAP day- what's left of it!  Hope you made it a great one!
Jess :)

{Ippity} {Ippity}

LEAP day - Taking a LEAP back! :)

FYI - we are LEAPING back in time with Unity a little bit today!
February 29th only comes around EVERY once in awhile.
so i see it as an opportunity to showcase some of the kits that had their debut in the past - 
these stamps are TRENDY and FUN and can be put to PERFECT use NOW!

THEY ARE ALL marked down UNDER $9.

you are gonna wanna take a peek.
the orders are coming in fast and FURIOUS cause it is SUCH a FANTASTIC "Leap DOWN" in prices!

These are kits that are TYPICALLY $25 & $18!!!!!

HERE are a few samples done by various TALENTED GALS using some of the kits that are marked down!

Quote Bundle Pack

Shine On!

Sending my Love

Comfy Cozy

Could I BE any Cuter?

Pirate Madness

Kitchen Logic

Shine On!

Margarita Moments

the MARK-DOWNS will go through SUNDAY!
in case you have to wait for PAY DAY on Friday to TREAT YOURSELF! :) 

Every SINGLE ORDER will receive a COUPON for 29% off their order placed NEXT WEEK - March 8- 12.  YOU will receive it via  EMAIL on Tuesday MARCH 6th to be used toward our NEW RELEASES NEXT WEEK! 

We will be releasing TONS of Fabulous new stamps both from {ippity} and UNITY! :) 
Join us for the Party
NEXT Thursday

read on.
'cause we ARE leaping to the PAST!

Here is my LEAP back to the past GUEST.


Alright - NOW i am going to get a little SENTIMENTAL.....

if you are new to unity - you may not know who eryn is.
if you have been around for years....your heart could not EVER have forgotten her.
she is a pretty happy person to have in your heart.
i know this first hand.

she was part of unity for a VERY long time.
we had a million laughs.
a few cries.
a lot of FUN...
and the BEST PART we created memories. {the stuff life is made of}
the time that we spent together building UNITY as a team....will always remain to be one of the most special times of my life.

here is what i love about eryn.
her creativity.
her lack of organization skills. just like me.  so she "got" it.
her pure dedication to the "last minute" hee, hee. 
 her STYLE.
her infectious LAUGH.
her honesty.
her integrity.
her pure instinct to know when it was time to follow HER DREAM.

she made a BIG HUGE tough decision to move on and OPEN her DREAM.

{although i did think about locking her up and making her stay}
hee, hee. 

i have watched from afar as she built VINTAGE GLAM.

She has taken her style and grace - and put TONS of creative energy making her vision her reality.

she has been WORKING so very HARD....and making it happen!
i am so proud of her.

 i happen to LOVE EVERYTHING about her taste in boutique MERCHANDISE
so i am RECOMMENDING that you take a peek at her SHOP!

look around her ONLINE BOUTIQUE SITE - 
then PLACE an order with the LEAP BACK IN TIME sale going on at UNTIY February 29 - March 5th. 
As an ADDED BONUS we are gonna include a 20% COUPON to use at VINTAGE GLAM - in all the Unity orders that are PLACED today through the weekend!

I got THIS as a gift from ERYN yesterday - right from VINTAGE GLAM!

Take a PEEK at all the ADORABLE-NESS - make your WISH LIST and USE THE COUPON coming to you when your UNITY ORDER PLACED February 29 - March 5 - ARRIVES! :) 

I know this is getting long - but i want to say one more teenie tiny itty bitty thing.
SINCE we are leaping BACK to the past there are a couple more peeps that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that I couldn't talk about the past without THINKING and HOLDING them in my heart.

My Brookie.

I told you I would get sentimental.
Here is a picture {I wish CHRIS was in it} that I LOVE.
It was a happy night.
We were all at a time in our lives where things were EXCITING and FUN and SUPER!
{well it STILL IS ALL of those things but.....just different}

People EVOLVE into their dreams and move TOWARD them.
that I got to have a small part in that.
a huge thank you to these people.

FOREVER grateful.

Don't you LOVE THEM!
i do.
always will.


Leave a little comment here on the unity blog.
has a PRETTY SOMETHING to give to ONE lucky COMMENT gal!
VISIT Vintage Glam on FACEBOOK!
We want her to get them AT LEAST 1,000 peeps!
They are at 970 right now!

Let them know that UNITY SENT ya - and we can pick a LUCKY WINNER from there as well! :) 

she has an ADORABLE BLOG!
ALL kinds of showcasing of NEW PRODUCT and HOW TO's.

Enjoy your new ADVENTURE into ONE PRETTY Gal and her JOURNEY to build a DREAM!

HERE are some of the PRIZES up for GRABS by visiting VINTAGE GLAM!

{Ippity} {Ippity}

Growing in Unity Wednesday

Feb 29th! Happy Leap Year Day! This week's Growing in Unity gal is Susan Bouchard.

Meet Susan:

Here is a little something about Susan:

"Hello Unity and {ippity} fans. I am thrilled to be the Growing in Unity gal this week! I was introduced to Unity when I purchased a collection of Unity stamps from one of those daily deals websites. I fell in love with the quality of the stamps, the wonderful designs and the crisp stamped images I received. When the opportunity came along for me to sell {ippity} stamps I jumped at the chance. I love making cards and Unity and {ippity} stamps are perfect for my little hobby. I live in Massachusetts with my husband and two sons. My oldest son recently graduated from college and my youngest son just left for college. Stamping, blogging and selling {ippity} stamps gives me so much joy and satisfaction that I hardly miss my boys (so not true – I miss them a lot)! I enjoy the creative process and being an {ippity} chick has enabled me to meet so many wonderful people and make many new friends. If you’re in the market for {ippity} stamps I would love to be your {ippity} chick. Please check out my blog Paper and Joy and my sales blog Ippity Stamps and Ink for lots of {ippity} creations and a great selection of stamps. You can also shop with me for {ippity} at the Unity Website by clicking on my name and picture under {ippity} stamps. I hope you enjoy the cards I made this week and I look forward to reading your comments."

Check out this wonderful card Susan made using some {ippity}:

Be sure to swing on by Susan's blog each day this week for a chance to win a Unity prize!

That's all for now!

Till next week!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stamp of the Week fun!

Hello friends! It's Shemaine here sharing some Stamp of the week fun! I don't know about you but I am loving these Stamp of the Week images! So cute and so fun and best of all available at a great price! Here's a card I made using this week's Stamp of the Week.

I loved stamping the smaller sentiment behind the image to create a fun background. If you'd like to sign up for stamp of the week click over here.

And now...I have a little surprise peek at next week's Stamp of the Week!

Have a great day!

{Ippity} {Ippity}

DT TUESDAY with Jen E. from the Block

so i got a little eye candy for ya today.  check it:

i've been rockin' the 8 1/2 X 11 layouts lately. 
woot woot!  busy day in first grade.  gotta run. :) Jen Erickson

quote of the day:
"i don't wanna ride the bull, bud."  the chick says to john travolta, urban cowboy :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

FWF Winners

Winner Time

I say we end this Monday with some
Friends with Flair winners, what do you say?
Sound good.

Winners from February 24, 2012

blog participant:

#4. Martha

comment from #8. Mary Anne K.'s blog:

Feb 24, 2012 08:12 PM
All the elements work together so well. Great card. I am sure she loved it.

CONGRATS Martha and Dr. Ivy!!!

Include your Full Name, Address 
and state that you "won Friends With Flair".
Lisa Arana

{Ippity} {Ippity}

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Happy Saturday!!! 
 It's Stephanie here sharing a project using the fabulous SMAK kit for February!!!
I think the thing I love most about these kits is that there are so many possibilities on what you can use them for.Whether you are a scrapbooker, cardmaker or mixed media artist it's perfect for all of those!!!

So for my card today I used the ABC background in the February SMAK kit and then for the sentiment I used Jillibean Soup's Favorite Sentiments kit.  The pattern is from My Mind's Eye and to add a little more to the card I used some fun buttons and twine.  I think this card would make a great Boy Birthday card.
If you are interested in these kits you can get all the info here on how to purchase them!!!

Have a fabulous day!!!!!!

{Ippity} {Ippity}

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